For Whom & For What?

Why do people come to Pasadena Center for Counseling?

Do you want more Happiness and Well being?  Is it time for more laughter and joy?  Or is the stress getting to you, your relationship,  or your family?  Can you feel that the stress is harming you body?

Have you ever thought “Enough is Enough”?

Then you might want to call Pasadena Center for Counseling, You are your own best expert – you will know.

I find people are  pretty smart, talented, and have good common sense.  Most handle alot of what life dishes up, even if life is messy.  However, we sometimes get stuck or need an outside person to assist us to get where we want or need to go.   We might need to get away from some particular life problem.  At some point I might want a professional using proven methods to facilitate me getting to my goals or away from my woes.  At some point suffering needs to slowed or become less intense –  We want to accomplish more and better things.  Our relationships with loved ones and our connections to our family and friends aren’t what they could be.  You might want to improve your ability to feel closer, be closer to those around you.  Life has  normal  problems that need skills to thrive and cope.     You might want to call us – I expect you will know when.


Some of the psychological  words that might compel  people to come to Pasadena Center for Counseling therapists are: sadness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, OCD, PTSD, stressed, trauma, addiction, substance abuse, grief, mood swings, neglect, out of control children, out of control parents,   co-dependence, bipolar, phobia, obsessive- compulsive, insomnia, harmful impassivity, lost assertiveness,  sleep disorders, marital problems, loss, anger, learning disabilities, parenting, separation, divorce, post traumatic stress disorder.