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"Our son has been seeing Dr. Andrews since he was in elementary school and he has done wonders to help him. He is kind, patient and gentle and has been a huge support for me and my husband. Our son trusts him and opens up to him, they have a great relationship. I can't imagine where we'd be without him and his care of our son. He is always there for us and has wonderful ideas and strategies for us. We appreciate him for all he's done for our family!"


"Dr. Andrews has done wonders to help my son through some issues. He listens carefully to my concerns then gives my son reasonable goals and steps to use to help him succeed."


"I love PCC! I have an amazing relationship with my counselor. And so does my fiancé. We have grown so much stronger in ourselves and as individuals. My therapist is Dorinda. She’s absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this business to single individuals, couples, children, adults etc. If you’re having a tough time or just generally need someone to talk to about the things going on in your life come here. It’s also conveniently located on Ritchie Highway right by BJs. So it’s not too far if you’re in any of the surrounding areas. Brooklyn Park, Glen Burnie, Severna Park, Pasadena (obviously), etc. I’ve been a patient for about a year now. So my review is sold."


"Dr. Andrews is a knowledgeable experienced professional. He has helped our family thru difficult personal family issues, work-school related changes/challenges. He listens attentively with kind compassion and responds clearly and directly —making the most of each session with communication that is both open and productive. Professionals are friendly and welcoming when in the waiting room and the appointments start on time. Accurate billing is handled in a non-stressful manner. We absolutely recommend Dr. Andrews & PCC."


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